Olive groves under a dramatic Tuscan sky

Our extra virgin olive oil is truly extraordinary. The olives are picked at their peak and pressed daily during the harvest to ensure that our oil is as bright and vibrant tasting as it can possibly be.

Each olive variety brings its own unique characteristics and flavors to the oil. Our estate produces four olive varieties: the Frantoio variety is spicy and highly aromatic; the Leccino variety is mildly fruity and delicate; Pendolino is mild and delicate; and Moraiolo is mild and slightly bitter. We produce a single, blended oil that contains all four varieties.

The olives are usually harvested in late October and early November. The oil is produced at a local “frantoio”, or olive press. In the past, the olives were ground with very large stones and then pressed between layers of woven mats by large corkscrew-type presses, powered by men or donkeys. Today, the process is largely done by mechanical means, using precisely-calibrated centrifuges to separate the olive pulp and water from the oil.  Although lacking in rustic charm, this modern method produces a more concentrated and pure oil than the traditional methods. Our trees produce over 500 liters of oil per year.

Our olive oil has attained the IGP denomination; the IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) acronym guarantees a product originating from a region or a country whose quality, recipe and characteristics can be traced back to its geographical origin. At least one production and/or processing phase must take place in the designated origin of production for the product to qualify. Samples of the oil are submitted to the “Consorzio per la tutela dell’olio extravergine di oliva Toscano IGP” (Consortium for the Protection of Extra-Virgin Tuscan IGP Olive Oil). To receive the guarantee, the submitted oil has to pass rigorous standards for color, fragrance, taste and low acidity. Each bottle of Tuscan Extra Virgin IGP olive oil then receives an alphanumeric code that not only allows the supply chain to be traced but is also a guarantee of quality. Further details are available from the Consortium's website.


News Flash: Buli Olive Oil wins a 2nd Gold Award at the 2019 New York International Olive Oil Competition


The 2018 olive oil has received the our "Biologico" certification from the Italian regulatory agency Q-Certificazioni that works in collaboration with the USDA Organic Certification program.

Official olive transport during the harvest!

New extra virgin olive oil - spicy and bright!

Manual harvest of our olives

Freshly harvested Tuscan olives

Storage of new, extra virgin olive oil

Olive groves rest during the Tuscan Winter...

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